News for 1st Quarter 2018

We expanded our USA facility in Lakeview, N.Y. to 23,000 square ft, using the site for offices and distribution. We have also added more staff in our Lakeview, NY facility, including Peter Cooper, Sales Manager North America, Michael Janczak, Marketing Director North America, and Bob Bieber, who heads our human resources and development. GC has also hired Michael Schraft Associates, a New York business consulting group. GC will be offering 4 new ul listed gauges for the medical industry. GC Gauge is now working with large electrical producing plants helping them meet their needs by providing them with the necessary gauges to change plants from coal production to much cleaner, natural gas fire plants, ensuring a cleaner environment for our future generations. Our mission statement is clear; our team is built on integrity with an uncompromising code of ethics. We pride ourselves on excellent customer service and providing superior products at affordable prices. We are committed to being a leader in the field of industrial instrumentation..

Best Regards,
Bob Bieber