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In March of 2013, I ordered several different models of stainless steel glycerin filled gauges in hard to find sizes from GC Gauge. Upon initial assessment I found the manufacturing quality was excellent for the price. After a year of service in a very hot, high vibration location, the gauges calibration was checked. I am happy to report all 64 gauges that were installed showed no sign of calibration degradation. I will be a repeat customer!

John M. Budziszewski, Chief Instrument & Controls Technician
C.R. Huntley & Dunkirk Steam Stations

“I would like to say thanks for your warm reception during my visit to your factory.  Of course, your product lines are of high standard, your stuff are well-trained.”

John, Precision Medical.

“Critical condition from medical equipment company, we appreciated that your company goods can satisfy with such condition”

Jay, Western Enterprises